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Automotive HID Conversion Kits from Japan


Cabling  H1,H7,H3,HB3, HB4  H4M High & Low Unit  Ballast  Lamps  Information

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Each kit consist of 2 lamps, 2 ballasts, 2 ignitors, 2 wire harness and installation accessories
HID Kit  Model No Price Per Kit

H1 type HID 35W

H3 type HID 35W (New) US$460.00
H4M (H/L) type HID 35W US$540.00
H4 S type HID 35W US$460.00

H7 type HID 35W


H9 / H11 type HID 35W


HB3 / HB4 type HID 35W


H7 type HID 55W (New)

D2 type HID 55W (New) US$705.00

Spare lamps

Model No Price Per unit
D2C 35W  US$60.00
D2S 35W US$55.00

Spare Parts

HID Kit  Model No Lamp Assembly Harness Ballast
H4M (H/L) type HID 35W US$130.00 US$70.00 US$145.00
H4 S type HID 35W US$85.00 US$60.00 US$145.00
H1, H7, HB3/4 type HID 35W US$80.00 US$40.00 US$145.00
H3 type HID 35W US$85.00 US$40.00 US$145.00

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